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A bit about me

When I began my education at SUU in 2002, I quickly fell in love with the incredible community of southern Utah, and I made it my permanent home after graduation.

I have been politically active throughout my life, and I believe that a high tide raises all ships. I will work tirelessly to raise the tide and improve your quality of life.

To have your voice heard and become part of the movement, I only ask, "How can I help you?"

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Too many people have been forced out of Cedar City because they couldn’t find a job with a livable wage. I commit to investigating why wages in Cedar City are so low, and to find a compromise that helps create a strong workforce and healthy local economy.



I am not beholden to any companies or outside entities, which allows me to focus on the issues that matter to you. Whether you were born and raised here or chose to make southern Utah home, your voice is valuable and needs to be considered.

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Small Business

As a small business owner, I see firsthand how local companies breathe life into Cedar City. If elected, I will prioritize using local businesses for events and projects within our communities, and strive to make Cedar City more business-friendly to startups.

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This campaign is built by the support of dedicated community members volunteering their time and resources to help bring change to Cedar City. I promise that your financial donation will go toward campaign-related expenses and materials, not paying myself or others working on the campaign.

If you would like to contribute your time, I would love to talk through email or the contact form. Thank you for your support!

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